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Quiet Punch - Boxing In Doors

Quiet Punch is the first of its kind portable and low impact punching bag that can be setup in under 1 minute in any apartment, office, hotel, or house. It weighs 4 pounds, is made for all skill levels, and fits in between almost every door. Quiet Punch is a fun and challenging boxing home workout.

  • Hand Stitched Punching Bag with Soft Memory Foam;
  • 2 Portable Bars That Fit Doorways from 28"-36";
  • Easy on the Joints;
  • Setup Time: 60 seconds;
  • Full Weight of the System: 5 lbs;
  • Library of Workout Routines Led by Brian Pedone;
  • Custom Healthy Recipes by Celebrity Chef Chris Santos;
  • iPhone and Android App with Video and Audio Workout Routines;

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