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Rival RFX-Guerrero HDE-F Bag Gloves with Velcro Strap

From the feedback we’ve received, we believe we have succeeded in producing simply the best, most comfortable and certainly the most power-transmitting boxing glove on the market today.

The Guerrero glove is a traditional “Mexican-Style” pro boxing glove.

A great fit, with a firm, solid, hard feel, this is definitely considered a "punchers glove".

Along with the high-density memory foam that has been incorporated into this glove, we have taken the liberty of laminating a layer of high-density EVA to the leather to offer that much more protection for your hands, and to give the glove added strength and stability. As well, we integrated our innovative and unique Velcro "V" Strap for speed and ease of fitting for your Bag and Pad Work.

These gloves have been highly endorsed by some of boxing's best!

We are more than confident that you will love the custom fit, the protection and most importantly the transmission of power that this glove can create.

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