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Reinventing the industry...again

Unbelievably, it has been ten years since Rival emerged as a labour of love.

Driven by a passion for excellence, a commitment to quality, and a love for boxing, Rival made a promise to “reinvent the industry”. Little did we realize how much of an impact we would actually have!

It didn’t take long for Rival’s reputation to shake the industry to its core. One after the other, companies began redesigning their line and their look, in an effort to emulate what we here at Rival were doing. It was becoming crystal clear that our short existence was having a far more powerful impact than we first thought possible.

From our early humble beginnings to now our 10th Anniversary, we are proud of the advancements in equipment that we have attained, and forever grateful to our loyal and knowledgeable customer base. Without you driving us, motivating us and pushing us to get better and better, we would not be saying Happy 10th Anniversary.

The introduction of “d3o” into our boxing gear has made the RB10 Intelli-Shock bag gloves and the RHG10 headgear, two of the most radical pieces of equipment in the world. These two items are unRIVALed in the boxing world!

The introduction of the RHGFS1 headgear has also proven to be more popular than we imagined. A fully protective headgear designed for the rigorous use of world championship level boxing. The full frontal protection headgear is rapidly gaining in popularity for boxers of all levels.

As well, last year we brought you what we believe was the most complete and finest selection of “heavy bags” possible. Once again we strayed from tradition to introduce T.A.R.P. Technology to our heavy bags. Again, the popularity and performance of these bags have far exceeded the response we expected from our customers. From 55 lb. to 250 lb. and including our Universal and Pro Angle bags along with our Muay Thai Banana Bag, Rival heavy bags are in line with our commitment to the highest quality possible and maximum professional performance. Built to last, we defy you to “wear-out” these bags.

Many of you have surely noticed more and more world champions and contenders wearing the improved Rival Guerrero Pro Fight glove. Keeping in mind the desire for horsehair padding in a fight glove, we took a great product and made it even better. We re-worked the design and fit to give you what has been described by some as “the best glove I’ve ever put on”. Fighters like former world champion Jean Pascal, World ranked contenders like Edwin Rodriguez and power punching Keith Thurman, and World Champions like Leo Santa Cruz and Yuriorkis Gamboa have trusted their hands to the new Rival Guerrero Pro Fight glove. Recognized by all as a “Punchers Glove” this piece of equipment continues to be the “Crown Jewel” in our line.

Finally, what is becoming recognized as THE leader in the industry, is Rival’s custom made boxing apparel. From Sergio Martinez to 4 round beginners, Rival apparel has captured the eye and imagination of the boxing world. What started off as a “once in a while” production of clothing has grown into a full time effort and worldwide demand. You can see our amazing and original designs right here, or on our Facebook page. Not only do we take pride in our equipment, but we are even prouder to say that we have the best tailor in the world, bar none!

Finally, these last 10 years would never have been possible without the BEST group of people I could possibly have working to see to your needs day in and day out. More impressively, the staff which started RIVAL a decade ago, is still in place today and still performing beyond expectations. From Julia and Stephanie in customer service to Jocelyn in the design department, the entire RIVAL team is even better than our equipment!

These are just a few examples of the innovations and advancements that we have brought forward in the last ten years, and God-willing we will be bringing many more in the next decade as well.

Russ Anber, President

Adam Haze
Adam Haze



Douglas R.
Douglas R.

April 06, 2013

Have to say, the gloves, and bags are mind blowing! My students love them and your service is outstanding. Kudos to all the gang at Rival. Ps get Julia a skipping rope!

Kristen Doucette
Kristen Doucette

March 22, 2013

Ordering some new gloves one day I casually asked if I could get Russ’ autograph. He sent me a personal message on a rival glove that has joined my autographed pic of Muhammad Ali as the centerpeices of my collection. This kind of personal attention along with rivals outstanding quality is why all my future boxing purchases will be only Rival !! Thanks a lot Russ and congratulations on ten years!!

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